LCD Digital Microscope II

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The LCD Digital Microscope II is a professional quality digital microscope. It is fully featured and allows for observations of biological specimens on an LCD screen. LCD Digital Microscope II features: • Full-color 3.5" TFT LCD screen with onboard software • 5MP digital camera captures high-resolution images and 30fps SD video of your specimen • 4X, 10X, and 40X objective lenses on a rotating turret • Camera sensor acts as 10X eyepiece lens, yielding 40X, 100X, and 400X powers • Fully mechanical stage with metal clips • 4x digital zoom for magnification up to 1600x • Fully-adjustable mechanical stage • 180-degree rotating head for easy sharing of images • 1gb SD card included (holds up to 620 high-resolution images) • Allows for output to a TV or projector for display purposes in a lab or classroom • Requires 4AA batteries • 6-position filter wheel: red, blue, green, 1mm aperature, 3mm aperature, and 6mm aperature