Basic Electricity Kit

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The Basic Electricity Kit consists of a collection of various components that can be used to provide students with clear insight into understanding simple electrical circuits using various circuit elements, and many other related concepts. The kit comes in specially made durable polystyrene trays that facilitate convenient storage after use, while also keeping the kit organized. Instructions included. Kit includes: • Cell Holder (without Cells) • Bulb Holder MES Mounted on Base • Push Key • Two-Way Switch • Universal Clip • Electrode Holder • Variable Resistance Bulbs MES • 4 Connecting Lead: (4mm, 10cm, Red); (4mm, 10cm, Black); (4mm, 25cm, Red); (4mm, 25cm, Black) • Crocodile Clips • Carbon Rod • Soft Iron Rod • Silicon Diode • Resistance (fixed) • 2 Types of copper wire: (Bare, 20SWG); (Insulated, 50m) • Eureka Wire (34SWG) • Copper Foil Sheet • Steel Wool