Phone Digiscoping Adapter

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Digiscoping, also sometimes known as phonescoping, is the practice of photographing a distant object through the eyepiece of an optical telescope or a small object through the eyepiece of a microscope. This high-quality digiscope phone adapter made by our friends at Novagrade® can be adjusted to hold any phone nearly instantly and is perfect for guides, photographers, bird watchers, and anyone trying to capture the perfect close-up. It's soft-touch grippers can be quickly adjusted to hold any phone or mini-tablet up to 4-3/8” wide (110mm) without interfering with buttons. The integrated height adjustment wheels ensure that even phones in thick cases can be accommodated. To attach your adapter to the eyepiece that you will be photographing through, put the proper size compression ring into the round collar of the adapter, place the adapter around the eyepiece of your scope, and then tighten the collar until the adapter is firmly in place around the eyepiece. The compression rings included with this adapter will fit around any eyepieces ranging from 39mm to 60.75mm. They include the following sizes: • 39mm – 44mm • 39mm – 44mm (for eyepieces with bulbous ends) • 43mm – 48mm • 47mm – 52mm • 51mm – 56mm • 55mm – 61mm