Incline Plane with Trolley and Weights

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The Incline Plane consists of a rectangular base plate with a U-shaped profile. A knob is given for angle adjustment at the base. A 50mm diameter pulley and a dynamometer with graduations from 0N to 2N and subdivisions every 0.2N is fitted on this apparatus and is adjustable. Two photogates are fitted on a metal strip above the angular U-shaped profile. Includes: • 1 Incline plane • 1 Dynamometer with pulley • 1 Injected trolley with grooves for weights and a plastic bar for photogates • 1 Wooden block, one side polished wood and one side sandpaper • 1 Brass pointer with a thread • 2 Photogates • 6 Plastic weights, 1g • 4 Plastic weights, 5g • 1 Plastic weights, 10g • 1 Plastic weights, 15g • 1 Plastic weights, 20g