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Welcome to the GSC Go Science Crazy Blog!

Welcome to the GSC Go Science Crazy Blog!

Welcome to GSC Go Science Crazy, and welcome to our new blog! My name is Jacob and I am part of the team here. At GSC, we believe in making the world of science exciting and interesting for people of all ages – both teachers and students alike. We have been filling labs and classrooms with our products since 1993, so we have decades of experience in making science more accessible for people like you.


Blog Science Crazy is the right place for you if:

  • You want a resource for how to use equipment in the lab.
  • You are constantly wondering “How in the world does that work?”
  • You’re a student or a teacher trying to expand your scientific horizons.


This blog will feature a variety of topics, but we mainly want to explore the ways that we can observe scientific principles in our daily lives. Sometimes it’s hard to relate the scientific knowledge that you learn in a classroom to the world outside of the lab. Here, we have the tools to bring those two things together. Stick with us as we explore the science all around us. So far, we have plans to investigate sky diving, solar eclipses, phenomenon-based learning, water quality, and more.


We also plan on releasing video demonstrations of our products and other various experiments. These should become valuable resources whether you’re a teacher looking for new experiments to teach or a student trying to visualize how something works.


Be sure to comment if there is any topic that you’d like to know more about or any product that you’d like to see in action, and we’ll get to work. Also, sign up for our newsletter in the footer below to get notifications about when we release a new blog post or when we are having deals on our shop.


We are excited to start this blog and have you come with us on our journey as we explore science, learn, and Go Science Crazy!


Written By: Jacob Monash


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  • Jacob Monash

    Hi Mike! I’m not sure of the new quantum theory of light in relation to East Asian research. Any experiment or link you wouldn’t mind sharing for me to learn from? Good luck to your son of his test!

  • Mike Hunt

    Hi! My son is CRAZY about light diffraction theory! Specifically, he wants to know more about how the new quantum theory of light goes beyond the simple way-optical approach especially as it relates to East Asian research. He is studying for a test so I hope you could help add some information for him to study! Love the blog so far!

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