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Helmholtz Coil a Physical Science Demonstration

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Helmholtz coils are useful for creating near-uniform magnetic fields or for cancelling out external magnetic fields, such as the earth’s. The field between the two solenoids is at its most uniform when the distance between them is equal to the radius of the solenoids. This can also be used with a helium-filled vacuum tube that has been introduced to electrons (not included). When placed between the solenoids into the magnetic field, you will be able to observe the circular movement of the field.

This Helmholtz coil apparatus consists of two 5” solenoids each made of 44 turns of enameled copper around a plastic bobbin. There are two 4mm induction safety sockets for each solenoid to receive a maximum current of 7A from an external power source (sold separately). Also included with this set are a 26cm scale to measure the distance between the solenoids on their rails and a clamp to hold a magnetic field sensor or a compass (sold separately).


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