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GSC International PS0289 Biology and General Mammal Histology Microscope Slide Set – 19 Slides

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This is a set of 19 different histology and biology slides. It includes the following:

  • #PS0181 Reptile Blood; Smear
  • #PS0291 Simple Cuboidal Epithelium, Mammalian; Section
  • #PS0162 Smooth Muscle, Mammalian; Cross Section and Longitudinal Section
  • #PS0182 Mammalian Brain Composite; Showing Cerebrum and Cerebellum; Sections; H&E Stain
  • #PS0144 Lymph Node, Mammalian; Section
  • #PS0143 Lung Section
  • #PS0427 Frog Skin; Section
  • #PS0169 Fundic Stomach Region, Mammal; General Structure of Tubular Gastric Glands; Cross Section
  • #PS0160 Red Bone Marrow, Mammalian; Showing Giant Blood Cells; Section; H&E Stain
  • #PS0402 Frog Testis; Section; IH Stain
  • #PS0270 Hairy Skin; Showing Skin Structures Such as Glands and Hair; Section; H&E Stain
  • #PS0161 Mammalian Salivary Glands – Sublingual, Submaxillary, & Parotid Glands; Sections; H&E Stain
  • #PS0167 Spongy Bone, Mammalian; Section
  • #PS0356 Escherichia Coli; Smear; Gram-Negative; Non-Spore Forming, Part of the Intestinal Flora
  • #PS0130 Cardiac Muscle, Mammalian; Cross Section and Longitudinal Sections
  • #PS0135 Compact Bone; Ground
  • #PS0142 Liver Section, Mammalian; Showing Hepatic Cells; H&E Stain
  • #PS0216 Jejunum, Mammalian; Showing Plicae Circulares; Section
  • #PS0271 Kidney, Mammalian; Longitudinal Section; Showing Renal Pelvis, Calyces, Cortex, and Medulla


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