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GSC International PS99350 Biology Microscope Slide Set – 23 Slides

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This is a set of 23 different biology slides. It includes the following:

  • #PS0359 – Amoeba Proteus, General Cellular Structure; Whole-mount
  • #PS0413 Hydra Adult with Bud and Hydra Adult without Bud; Whole-mount
  • #PS0363 Ascaris Lumbricoides, Male and Female; Cross Section
  • #PS0365 Cyclops (Arthropod, Crustacean); Whole-mount
  • #PS0370 Musca Domestica (Housefly) Head; Whole-mount
  • #PS0448 Bee Wing; Whole-mount
  • #PS0137 Mammal Epithelium – Stratified Squamous, Simple Columnar, & Simple Cuboidal; Sections
  • #PS0132 Cardiac Muscle, Mammalian; Longitudinal Section
  • #PS0135 Compact Bone; Ground
  • #PS0270 Hairy Skin; Showing Skin Structures Such as Glands and Hair; Section; H&E Stain
  • #PS0128 Human Blood; Smear; H&E Stain
  • #PS0339 Bacteria from Human Mouth, Showing Different Types; Smear
  • #PS0113 Diatomeae (Comparing Various Mixed Diatoms); Whole-mount
  • #PS0063 Spirogyra, Scalariform Conjugation; All Stages; Whole-mount
  • #PS0016 Moss Protonema; Whole-mount
  • #PS0031 Herbaceous (Buttercup) and Woody (Linden) Roots Comparison; Cross Section
  • #PS0085 Zea Mays (Corn) Grain; Longitudinal Section
  • #PS0437 Sunflower (Helianthus) Young Stem; Cross Section and Longitudinal Section
  • #PS0087 Syringa Vulgaris Leaf; Cross Section
  • #PS0081 Lilium Anther, Showing Mature Pollen Grains; Cross Section
  • #PS0042 Lilium Ovary; Cross Section
  • #PS0187 Mitochondria, from Zea Mays or Onion Epidermis; Section
  • #PS0035 Onion Mitosis; Showing All Stages; Lateral Section


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