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GSC International 2521 - Investigating The Rock Cycle Chart - 20 Specimen

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2521 - Investigating The Rock Cycle Chart - 20 Specimen

Discover the power of geology with our "Investigating The Rock Cycle Chart - 20 Specimen"! Dive into the fascinating world of rock formation with this vibrant chart, perfect for STEM education. Informative and engaging, it makes learning an enjoyable adventure for students aged 11 and up. With a robust wooden frame and 20 rock specimens, this chart is ideal for classrooms, homeschoolers, and science enthusiasts. Let knowledge flow as the rocks roll with this essential educational tool! The kit includes samples of Volcanic Ash, Scoria, Basalt, Pumice, Tuff, Obsidian, Gravel, Topsoil, Sand, Limestone, Sandstone, Shale, Conglomerate, Rhyolite, Andesite, Chlorite, Slate, Quartzite, Marble, Granite, Gneiss, and Gabbro.


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