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GSC International 2960 - Explore With Me Igneous Rock Collection - 10 Specimen

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2960 - Explore With Me Igneous Rock Collection - 10 Specimen

Embark on a sturdy adventure with the Explore With Me Igneous Rock Collection! This set of 10 captivating specimens, neatly packed in a robust plastic case, is a perfect introduction to the world of igneous rocks. Children will enjoy exploring the origins of these rocks with a useful identification chart featuring vibrant images and engaging descriptions. Sized appropriately for small hands, these specimens are ideal for budding geologists aged 8 and up. Make STEM learning thrilling and interactive with this educational kit - a must-have for home-schooling, classroom demonstrations, or simply nurturing a love for Earth science. Time to rock on! This kit includes samples of Granite, Pumice, Rhyolite, Scoria, Obsidian, Pegmatite, Syenite, Diorite, and Trachyte.


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