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GSC International 2967 - Explore With Me 10 Specimen Seashell Collection

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2967 - Explore With Me 10 Specimen Seashell Collection

Embark on a seashell safari with the Explore With Me 10 Specimen Seashell Collection! This kit, packed with sea wonders, features 10 unique specimens neatly stored in a handy plastic container. The included identification chart, featuring images and descriptions of bivalve and gastropod seashells, serves as your comprehensive guide for an immersive learning experience. This set, perfect for young explorers aged 8 and up, offers a fantastic introduction to marine biology and geology, making it an essential addition to any budding scientist's collection. Dive into STEM education with this engaging hands-on resource! The kit includes samples of Pecten Shell, Cockle Shell, Scallop, Arca, Turris, Whelk, Nassa Shell, Conch, Bursa, and Clam Shell.


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