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GSC International 3005 - General Fossil Collection - 15 Specimen

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3005 - General Fossil Collection - 15 Specimen

Uncover Earth's ancient secrets with our General Fossil Collection - a 15 Specimen set! Ideal for grades 6-12, this collection presents a variety of fossils from different geological periods, making fossil learning exciting and educational. Accompanied by a descriptive key sheet and a geologic time chart, this kit is essential for any STEM curriculum. Ignite the magic of paleontology in your classroom or homeschool setting today! The kit includes samples of Cnidaria, Echinodermata, Gastropods, Chordata, Cephalopod, Echinoderms, Brachiopods, Bivalve, Brachiopod, Cephalopods, Petrified Wood, and Algae Fossil.


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