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GSC International 2965-9 - Explore With Me 9 Specimen Fossil Collection

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2965-9 - Explore With Me 9 Specimen Fossil Collection

Embark on a time-traveling adventure with the Explore With Me 9 Specimen Fossil Collection! Ignite the inner geologist in your young explorer with this fascinating set of nine fossil specimens, neatly housed in a practical plastic container. Accompanied by a useful identification chart, this collection propels children into the ancient world, educating them about the formation of fossils. Ideal for budding scientists aged eight and above, this set is indispensable for any home-school curriculum or classroom science lab. Let the journey to understanding Earth's history begin! This kit includes samples of Turritella, Brachiopod, Petrified Wood, Algae Fossil, Bivalve, Chordata, Echinoderm, Gastropods, and Trilobite.


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